Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit Fly Trap

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Fruit Fly Trap

Pheromone Trap

This trap is designed to catch fruit flies. It's simple and effective, light weight and economic, ideal tool for monitoring or mass trapping with our pheromone lures.


Quick Facts:

Insect pheromone: Insect pheromone is the chemical that through which insects communicate with. Insect pheromones are very specis specific, which means that, they are only recognized by the same kind of insect. For instance: the sex pheromone of Cydia pomonella released by females cannot be recognized by any other kind of insect. There are many known types of insect pheromones, including but not limited to: aggregation pheromone, alarm pheromone, territorial pheromone, trail pheromone and sex pheromone. Each type of them, is recognized as a message to the receiver. To be general, insect pheromone is the language among insects.


Pheromone trap: Pheromone traps are tools to be used with pheromone lures and attractants. Without proper traps, target damaging insects cannot be collected when attracted to the source of pheromone lures or attractants. There are many different types of traps because they are designed to fit the biological behavior of different insects.


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