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Kangeta kilimo Melon Fly
3.5 $
DescriptionScientific name :Bactrocera Cucurbitae.(Melonfruit fly)Melon Fly (bactrocera cucurbitae) Queensland Fly (bactroce
kangetakilimo fruitfly traps
3 USD $
DescriptionScientific name : Bactrocera correcta, Bactrocera dorsalis, Bactrocera zonata. Host crop : Mango, Papaya, Guava, Bana
DescriptionScientific name : Spodoptera frugiperda (Fall armyworm) Host crop : Maize, Rice, Sugar-Cane & 80 Other Different crops
Kangeta kilimo tuta pheromone
DescriptionProduct Information: Pheromone lures mimic the natural emitted sex pheromone, to attract male adult insects. With rec
kangeta kilimo medfly
4 $
DescriptionScientific name :Mediterranean Fruit Fly (ceratitis capitata) Natal Fruit Fly (ceratitis rosa). Host crop : citrus, g
Pheromone lure
2 $
DescriptionScientific name : Tuta absoluta (Tomato leaf miner) Host crop : Tomato, Potato Suitable trap : Glue Trapper / Sticky Tr

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