Bucket Trap

Glue Trapper



Whitefly, Leaf miner, Aphid, Thrips, jassids, Cabbage root fly, Cabbage white butterfly Cucumber beetles, Capsides, , Tea mesquites, leaf hoppers, brown plant hopper, Fruit Fly, Moth and other Flying Insects.


Glue Trapper works under the integrated pest management supported by the farmer to protect their crops from harmful insect and pest as well as help to promote pest free fruit and vegetables. Glue Trapper is a most effective for catching harmful insect from long distance as well as pest monitoring and tacking relevant remedial action.

Kuhusu Kangetakilimo

Ni mtandao wa kilimo unaotumia malighafi za kilimo na masoko yaliyopo Tanzania ikiwa imelenga wakulima wadogo wa kati na wakubwa katikata kuwapatia njia bora za kilimo na technologia Kangetakilimo inawawezesha na kuwapa uwezo kwa kutumia technologia katika kilimo kwa mlengo wa kulima kibiashara.  .... Soma Zaidi


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